Making Career Transitions Possible…


Your resume is an essential marketing tool. It should address the Selection Criteria for a specific job and highlight your skills, knowledge and experience. We make sure that your achievements are highlighted in your personal resume.

DP Careers consultants are Professional Members of the Career Development Association of Australia

  • We write standard and professional resumes
  • A face to face consultation is preferred so that we can use the information you provide to create your personalised resume and make sure your relevent achievements are emphasized
  • You will be provided with an electronic copy for you to use in subsequent applications

The process:

  • Initial consultation and review of existing resume
  • Review and analysis of the selection criteria
  • Supply of additional information by the client for inclusion in the resume
  • Development of a draft resume (2 -3 business days)
  • Client review of the draft resume and suggested additions and changes
  • Final proof reading


A LinkedIn profile is essential to your online presence. It is fast replacing the need for a resume in professional employment. Your profile will include:

  • A photo
  • A summary of your skill, attributes and experience
  • Appropriate headings
  • Your achievements and work history
  • Your contact details


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